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Outsourcing In-sources, Joining Forces, Combining Know-how and Experience. These are our ingredients and that is our mission, our job.
We are The Creators, we are The Advisers, we are The Dispatchers and we are The Providers.

We are the Central Commandment of our Client’s Projects.

No matter who our Clients are, no matter what their Projects look-like, at CREATIVE IMPACT they’ll get central project management and counseling before the particularities, just to be sure that everyone gets exactly what he needs best, regardless what he has thought before.

the “inhousevertising”

smart hub

Without trying to “reinvent the wheel”, we successfully applied skills & experience cumulated in the last 15 years, to adjust it, to be more, let’s say, “dynamically efficient”. You may think of us as an Integrator of several separate activities, activities that otherwise can function as stand alone
businesses, linked together into a single chain that can cover almost anything a client needs from the advertising and production industry.

This provides us with both the know-how and the complete resources to take the strategic and creative development several steps forward, to fully implementation and production on any media, without delays and overhead fees, and with the benefit of the complete in-house control of the desired result, in each of its phases. This way we can be completely transparent over the budgets, we do not make over promises of unreliable proposals, and we can provide, besides advertising services,
peace of mind to our Clients.


We started in 2003, initially as an Advertising Boutique and Production House. Over time, we grew up, developed and integrated several activities, as well as polarizing other Partners and Businesses into a unique blend of services that covers almost all the Advertising Industry.

This way we came to be a complete advertising resources hub with the benefit of Central Group Coordination.


Being a Group of Final Providers, our Clients are from two separate lines.
One line is that of partnerships with other Advertising Agencies and Advertising or Production related Businesses, that work with us as outsources, or on the components they are missing, as photography, video, audio productions, technical and logistics support for BTL and events, advertising materials productions, web development, programming and applications, product and packaging design, graphics and illustration services etc., mostly projects that we cannot take credit for, due to confidentiality and loyalty politics.

The other line is that of the Final Clients, who work with us on several or all group components, as integrated solutions for their campaigns or projects.


Depending on your project’s specifics, you may meet us as the whole package, as CREATIVE IMPACT,
or as one of the following entities, each dedicated to a specific group of tasks.

Coffee Bean


• full advertising & creative services
• strategy & marketing advising
• branding services
• illustration & graphic design
• product design & prototype development studio
Coffee Bean


• photo-video-audio production house & resource management
• top level photo studio, equipment and photo post-production
• video production & post-production facilities
• audio recording studio & sound engineering
Coffee Bean


• web design, development & management
• user experience creation
• programming & applications
• web media & advertising management
• complete server & hosting solutions
Coffee Bean


• BTL & event strategy & resources
• convention services and resources
• BTL & convention equipment & support
(light, sound, projection, translation, stage)
• BTL & event logistics
• full event management
Coffee Bean


• indoor & outdoor advertising production facilities
• unconventional materials & big scale design projects production
• showrooms, stores, stands & fares custom furniture
• signage production
• small design & merchandising items production
• print production

Latest project ongoing

For the 2018 edition we proudly backed up our friends & partners from IWCB | VINARIUM, providing them with full support, starting with creative concept and photo shooting, and finishing with all the graphic layouts needed for the contests’ support materials, both digital and printed.

The photos are the creation of Constantin Tudose | Constantin Photography,
Model: Madalina Buftea | Make-up & body painting: Jana Ceban
All rights reserved.

We are cat friendly.



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031236, Bucharest 3, Romania